The largest number of people who had donned sunglasses at night – the fans, “Texas Rangers” during the match of their team against a team from Houston.

Thaneshvar Guragan set a record for the duration of the rotation, in the Guinness World Records – 30 minutes.

The largest underwater wedding took place in Poland. Eva and Paul Yavorzhno invited 275 guests.

The world’s largest drum set in the South Korean Yondone. Its diameter – 6.4 meters.

The biggest cross of people have created by 24,000 students in Metro Manila.

The largest number of dishes on one table – 8146 in the Chinese city of Wuhan, during the celebration of Chinese New Year.

The longest surfing was carried out at the Panama Gatun Lake March 19, 2011. Gary Saavedra caught a wave for 3 hours and 55 minutes.

Most older twin sister, Maria (left) and Gabriel said they are celebrating 101st year of birth in Belgium.

The longest chain of aluminum cans is made up of 66,343 cans  by De Pere, Wisconsin, USA. The total length is more than five kilometers.

The world’s largest shirt was 85.74 meters long and 55.13 meters in width, Nashville, USA.

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