Elephant Building or Chang Building is a high-rise building in Thailand.This building is one of the most famous buildings in Bangkok because it's shape like an elephant.The Elephant Building was awarded no.4 for the "20 World's Most Iconic Skyscrapers" in February 2011.

Building Name-Elephant Tower
Building Type-Business building
Location-Chatuchak, Bangkok, Thailand.
Construction Finished-1997
Height-Roof-335 ft (102 m)
Top Roof-32m
Floor Count-32floors
Management-Arun Chaiseri Group & Elephant Group
Building consists-7 parts
                  1.Tower A (Office)
                  2.Tower B (Office)
                  3.Tower C (Residential)
                  4.Top Floor (Luxurious residential suites)
                  5.Recreation Ground (Swimming Pool & Gardens)
                  6.Shopping Plaza, Bank & post office
                  7.Parking garage