Building Name-Hasselt Court of Justice
Location : Monseigneur Broekxplein, 3500 Hasselt
Architects-J. Mayer H. Architects + a2o architecten + Lens°Ass architecten
Location-Monseigneur Broekxplein, Hasselt, Belgium
Design Team-J. Mayer H. Architects: Jürgen Mayer H., Georg Schmidthals, Marcus Blum, Güvenc Özel, Jan-Christoph Stockebrand
Project Started-2005

Site area : 3640 sqm
Building area : 3200 sqm
Total floor area : 21600 sqm
Stories : 13
Structure : concrete and steel

Total Floor Area-21,600 sqm
Client-Stationsomgeving NV Hasselt