Hummanaya is blowhole in Sri Lanka and it may be the second largest blowhole in the world. Meaning of the word “Hummanaya” is the distance a sound of "hoo" can be heard.The blow hole is a small triangular shaped underwater cave between cliffs. Wave action on the open sea is mirrored within the cave and water & air is forced up into the narrow pipe and blown out the opening at the top. If conditions are right, these blow-outs are spectacular, blowing water up to 25m –some sources even claim 30m– high in the air.

Location- It is located after Matara and Dikwella town in the Southern Province and at small fishing village called Kudawella 1.1 kilometres (0.7 mi) to the right. Dikwella is a coastal town 180 kilometres (111.8 mi) far away from Colombo and 22 kilometres (13.7 mi) from Matara.