Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Country- Malaysia
State- Federal Territory
Establishment- 1857
Granted city status- 1 February 1972
Granted Federal Territory- 1 February 1974
  Mayor (Datuk Bandar)- Ahmad Phesal Talib[1][2]
                       From 18 July 2012
 *City- 243 km2 (94 sq mi)
 *Metro- 2,793.27 km2 (1,078.49 sq mi)
 *Elevation- 21.95 m (72 ft)
Population- (2010)
 *City- 1,627,172 (1st)
 *Density- 6,696/km2 (18,912/sq mi)
 *Metro- 7,239,871
 *Metro density- 2,591.9/km2 (6,713/sq mi)
Demonym- KL-ite / Kuala Lumpurian
Human Development Index-
 HDI (2010)- 0.795 (very high) (2nd)
Time zone- MST (UTC+8)
Postal code- 5xxxx
Mean solar time- UTC + 06:46:48

Milwaukee, USA
Country- United States
State- Wisconsin
Counties- Milwaukee, Washington, Waukesha
Incorporated- January 31, 1846
 *Type- Strong mayor-council
 *Mayor- Tom Barrett (D)
 *City- 96.80 sq mi (250.71 km2)
 *Land- 96.12 sq mi (248.95 km2)
 *Water- 0.68 sq mi (1.76 km2)
Elevation- 617 ft (188 m)
Population- (2010)
 *City- 594,833
 *Estimate (2011)- 597,867
 *Rank- 28th in US
 *Density- 6,188.4/sq mi (2,389.4/km2)
 *Urban- 1,308,913
 *Metro- 1,555,908
 *CSA- 1,751,316
Demonym- Milwaukeean
Time zone- CST (UTC-6)
 *Summer(DST)- CDT (UTC-5)
Area code(s)- 414
FIPS code- 55-53000[4]
GNIS feature ID- 1577901

Hong Kong
 *Official languages- English
 *Spoken languages- English, Cantonese
 *Writing systems- English alphabet, Traditional Chinese
Demonym- Hong Konger
Government- Special Administrative Region of the People's Republic of China
 *Chief Executive CY Leung
 *Chief Secretary for Administration Carrie Lam
 *Financial Secretary John Tsang
 *Secretary for Justice Rimsky Yuen
Legislature- Legislative Council
 *Treaty of Nanking- 29 August 1842 
 *Japanese occupation- 25 December 1941 –15 August 1945 
 *Total- 1,104 km2 (179th)
        426 sq mi 
 *Water(%)- 4.58 (50 km²; 19 mi²)
 *2010 census- 7,061,200
 *Density- 6,480/km2 (4th)
           16,576/sq mi
Currency- Hong Kong dollar (HKD)
Time zone- HKT (UTC+8)
Drives on the- left
Calling code- +852

Los Angeles, USA
Country- United States
State- California
County- Los Angeles
Settled- September 4, 1781
Incorporated- April 4, 1850
 *Type- Mayor-Council
 *Body- Los Angeles City Council
 *Mayor- Antonio Villaraigosa
 *City Attorney - Carmen Trutanich
 *City Controller- Wendy Greuel
 *City- 503 sq mi (1,302 km2)
 *Land- 469 sq mi (1,214 km2)
 *Water- 34 sq mi (88 km2)  6.7%
Elevation- 233 (city hall) ft (71 m)
 *City- 3,792,621
 *Rank- (2nd US, 48th World)
 *Density- 8,092/sq mi (3,124/km2)
 *Metro- 12,828,837
 *CSA- 17,786,419
Demonym Angeleno-
Time zone- PST (UTC-8)

Perth, Western Australia
Population- 1,832,114 (30 June 2011)
 *Density- 285.5/km² (739.4/sq mi) (June 2011)
Established- 1829
Area- 5386 km² (2,079.5 sq mi)[3]
Time zone- AWST (UTC+8)
 *2130 km (1,324 mi) from Adelaide[4]
 *2652 km (1,648 mi) from Darwin[5]
 *2721 km (1,691 mi) from Melbourne[6]
 *3288 km (2,043 mi) from Sydney[7]
State/territory electorate- Perth (and 41 others)
Federal Division(s)- Perth (and 10 others)

Vancouver, Canada
Country- Canada
Province- British Columbia
Region- Lower Mainland
Regional District- Metro Vancouver
Incorporated- 1886
Named for- Captain George Vancouver
 *Mayor- Gregor Robertson (Vision Vancouver)
 *City- Council
 *City- 114.97 km2 (44.39 sq mi)
 *Metro- 2,878.52 km2 (1,111.40 sq mi)
Elevation- 0-152 m (0-501 ft)
Population- (2011 Census)[1]
 *City- 603,502 (8th)
 *Density- 5,249/km2 (13,590/sq mi)
 *Metro- 2,313,328 (3rd)
 *Demonym- Vancouverite
Time zone- PST (UTC−8)
 *Summer(DST)- PDT (UTC−7)
Postal code span- V5K to V6Z
Area code- 604, 778

Manila, Philippines
Country- Philippines
Region- National Capital Region
Districts- 1st to 6th districts of Manila
Settled- June 10, 1571 (Intramuros)
Barangays- 897
 *Type- Mayor–council
 *Mayor- Alfredo Lim (Liberal)
 *Vice Mayor- Isko Moreno (PMP)
 *Representatives- City Representatives
 *City Council- Councilors
 *Capital City- 38.55 km2 (14.88 sq mi)
 *Urban- 1,474.82 km2 (569.43 sq mi)
 *Metro- 638.55 km2 (246.55 sq mi)
Elevation- 16.0 m (52.5 ft)
Population- (2010)
 *Capital City- 1,652,171
 *Density- 42,858/km2 (111,000/sq mi)
 *Urban- 21,951,000
 *Urban density- 15,400/km2 (40,000/sq mi)
 *Metro- 11,855,975
 *Metro density- 18,567/km2 (48,090/sq mi)
Time zone- PST (UTC+8)
Area Code- 2

Madrid, Spain
Country- Spain
Region- Community of Madrid
Founded- 9th century
 *Type- Mayor-council
 *Body- Ayuntamiento de Madrid
 *Mayor- Ana Botella (PP)
 *City- 605.77 km2 (233.89 sq mi)
Elevation- 667 m (2,188 ft)
Population- (2011)
 *City- 3,265,038
 *Rank- 1st
 *Density- 5,390/km2 (14,000/sq mi)
 *Urban- 6,489,680
 *Metro- 7,254,321
Time zone- CET (UTC+1)
 •* Summer (DST) CEST (UTC+2)
Postal code- 28001–28080

New York City
Country- United States
State- New York
Historic- Colony of New York
Counties- Bronx, Kings, New York, Queens, Richmond
Settled- 1624
Incorporated- 1898
 *Type- Mayor–Council
 *Body- New York City Council
 *Mayor- Michael Bloomberg (I)
 *Total- 468.5 sq mi (1,213 km2)
 *Land- 302.6 sq mi (784 km2)
 *Water- 165.8 sq mi (429 km2)
Elevation- 33 ft (10 m)
 *Estimate (2011)- 8,244,910
 *Rank- 1st
 *Density- 27,012.5/sq mi (10,429.6/km2)
 *Metro- 18,897,109 (1st)
 *CSA- 22,085,649 (1st)
Demonym- New Yorker
Time zone- Eastern (EST) (UTC-5)

Capital- Singapore
Official languages- English
Official scripts- Roman script
                  Simplified Chinese
                  Tamil script
Demonym- Singaporean
Government- Unitary parliamentary constitutional republic
 *President- Tony Tan Keng Yam
 *Prime Minister- Lee Hsien Loong
 *Acting Speaker of Parliament- Charles Chong
 *Chief Justice- Sundaresh Menon
 *Founding- 6 February 1819
 *Self-government- 3 June 1959
 *Independence from the United Kingdom- 31 August 1963
 *Merger with Malaysia- 16 September 1963
 *Separation from Malaysia- 9 August 1965
 *Total-710 km2 (189th)
        274 sq mi 
 *Water(%)- 1.444
 *2012 census- 5,312,400
 *Density- 7,315/km2 (3rd)
           18,943/sq mi
Currency- Singapore dollar(SGD)
Time zone- SST(UTC+8)
Drives on the- left