One of most spectacular features of Gonarezhou National Park, these cliffs rise 558 feet from the south bank of the Runde River, 19 miles from Chipinda Pools. The cliffs consist of Cretaceous coarse sandstone and conglomerates arranged in a succession of horizontal beds.
There are slight mineral differences between the beds, leading to colour variations within the white-cream-yellow-ochre-pink-brown spectrum which are clearly visible along the cliff faces. The several pedestals in front of the cliff faces have been caused by erosion along vertical cracks and joints.
The cliffs are two-fold, with the lower and upper almost vertical sections separated from each other by a sloping terrace up to 1640 feet wide. This terrace is scored by gullies which cut through the lower cliff to the Runde River bed, giving access to the water for elephants and other animals.[Source]