The 'shan-shui city' (the city of mountains and water) is one of MAD's latest projects which will be build in came from a concept which dates back to ancient times of the mountain-water worship, followed by wu zixu’s idea (5th century BC) of locating cities by observing the earth and examining the water, and the emperors’ locating cities on the strategic place of the surrounding natural environment for defense. china has made tremendous achievements on urban construction since the opening reform policy in the 1980s, accompanied with the rapid growth of both the quantity and the size of cities are a series of problems, such as the destruction of historic sites and deterioration of natural environment. a contemporary research on chinese urban planning (initiated in 1987 by wu liangyong) re-introduces the theoretical 
foundation of 'human settlement sciences' -- the chinese rocket scientist qian xuesen mentioned 'shan-shui city' and wrote a letter to wu liangyong proposing of establishing the concept of shan-shui city by integrating the shan-shui poems, traditional chinese gardens and landscape paintings (qian xuesen’ s 'theory on urbanology and shan-shui city, 1996).[source]