Visitor Says:I had never heard of this attraction and I thought...what the heck, might as well. The drive out went a fair way through farmland and I wondered what was at the end. But Wow. It is so worth it, even the dusty gravel road at the last part. There are maps and signs at the start, lots of new upgrading there, and an OK public toilet, too. An easy 10 minutes walk to the first view could be managed by a wheelchair user if they had a pusher person. Go a bit further and cross the sturdy suspension bridge to get the best "easy" view. A short scramble on a rougher track and rocks lets you get to the cliff top or waters edge. The colour of the water has to be seen to be believed. Turquoise blue, heavenly, glacier pond, franz joseph ice blue. Warning: the second worst biting sandflies I have ever experienced in NZ ever![Source]