70 Abandoned Old Buildings.. left alone to die

Pretty (creepy) house [source]

Abandoned Ante-Bellum Plantation House [source]

Abandoned but lovely [source]

Abandoned by Big Grey Mare [source]
Abandoned Country Church [source]

Abandoned farm buildings in rural Greene County, AR [source]

Abandoned farm Canada [source]

Abandoned farm house [source]

Abandoned home in Scotland [source]

Abandoned in Coudersport, PA [source]

Abandoned manor house near Paris [source]

Abandoned shotgun house [source]

Abandoned Victorian farmhouse [source]

Ah! To have seen this house in its day! [source]

Amazing Abandon Victorian House [source]

An old House in a Turkish village [source]

Artist studios in London [source]

Awesome old building [source]

Beautiful even in ruin! [source]

Bermuda Hill Plantation, Prairieville, Alabama. [source]

Boyd house in Hamlet, North Carolina [source]

Creepy Old Houses [source]

Crumbling to the ground in Princess Anne, Maryland [source]

Forgotten mansion in Poland [source]

Fixer upper! [source]

Forest Castle, Scotland [source]

Grand old house [source]

Halloween in Ohio I love the upper floor with shutters [source]

Haunted Victorian [source]

Havana, Cuba [source]

So sad that beautiful homes like this are left to rot [source]

In upper state NY [source]

Is this still occupied [source]

left alone to die [source]

Lives were once lived here. Not any more [source]

Would love to explore this old castle - so haunting [source]

Mansion in Beirut [source]

Molly brown house [source]

Montana [source]

Must have beautiful in its day [source]

Neat old house [source]

Nebraska farm house. Love those windows! [source]

New Orleans style [source]

No more holiday love here [source]

Old abandoned house [source]

Old abandoned houses [source]

Old abandoned mansion [source]

Old Farm House & Red Ivy Vines [source]

Old Farm House Almost Covered With Vines [source unknown]

Old Farm House Many Years Ago [source]

Old Farm House Red Roof [source]

Old florida farmhouse [source]

Old Hickory Tavern, Coudersport PA [source]

Old Mountain Farm House [source]

Old Ohio school house [source]

Oldest Known School House In The Great Smokey Mountains [source]

OMG the possibilities are ENDLESS!! [source]

Once a beauty [source]

Roosevelt Island Smallpox Hospital [source]

Sad old mansion [source]

Smithdale, Pennsylvania [source]

Stark.....what is the story of those who lived there [source]

The outside has taken up residence on the inside of this old house [source]

The perfect house for me [source]

The Suburban Paris [source]

This house is dark and mysterious [source]

Tried to last...failed.. [source]

Weathered & weary farmhouse [source]

With time...forgotten [source]

Old farm houses Oklahoma [source]