Kingdom of Bahrain Cityscape.

Kingdom of Bahrain is a beautiful Island country situated in the Persian Gulf near by the (Between) Saudi Arabia and Qatar. Bahrain is accomplished with 5 Governorates, named, Capitol, Central, Muharraq, Northern and Southern. Bahrain is a complex of Major Island and minor Islands and Island Groups. Reference to the Survey and Land Registration Bureau (SLRB) data in 2009, there are 51 Natural Islands (some are having Island Groups) and 33 artificial Islands (some are having Island Groups). The total area of the Kingdom in end of year 2009 is 
757.5 Sqm.
Bahrain is one of the GCC countries and the State Religion is Islam, Language is Arabic and the currency is Bahraini Dinars. The total population is 378004 heads in July 2010 and 235108 expatriates are included to this amount. There is a freedom to follow any religion and culture respecting to Islam.
Tourism is a booming trade income while Oil and Gas Industry performance ahead. Agriculture and Fishing still fulfill the minority's needs. The word, "Million Palm Trees" used to introduce Bahrain to the other nations in the 

By Indika Mayadunne