Grand Mosque - Kingdom of Bahrain

Pix by Indika Mayadunne
Situated besides the Ahmad Al Fateh hifgway in the main island of Bahrain, running towards to Juffair Town facing to the Mareena lagoon. The foundation stone was laid on a Saturday the 17th of December 1983, corresponding to 13th Rabi’ Al-Awwal 1404 H in the Arabic calendar. It’s construction work began on the 17th of December 1984.
Ahmad Al Fateh Islamic Centre was opened on the 2nd of June 1988 consisting of the Grand Mosque, the Islamic Institute with its library, students dormitory and service utilities.
The total area of the Centre is about 150,000 square meters of which the Grand Mosque occupies 6,500 square meters.
The mosque can accommodate 7,000 worshippers, 5,000 in the main hall, 1,800 in the courtyard and 200 in the women’s prayer hall.
6 meters to 7 meters height doors of the Centre are made of TEAK wood imported from India, the illuminating items, 952 lamps, 78 lusters and 76 wall lights, all made in France.
The custom manufactured floor carpeting covering 2,744 square meters are imported from Scotland.
A total of nearly 3,000 square meters floor area of the prayer halls and the courtyard covering by the Italian Marble.
The DOME is mad by pure fiber and the Internet sites are highlighting this as the world largest fiber make dome. Reference to mosque’s information, the dome above the main hall from inside is about 40 meters from the ground level with a diameter of 25 meter and has 12 color windows inscribed with the name of God (Allah) in the centre in Green color.
The main building has two minarets. Each rising to 70 metres above ground level.
The car parking area of the centre can accommodate 750 vehicles.