All About Savannah Cats

Basically, Savannah cats are introduced to the world as a cross between domestic cats and the  large-eared wild African cats, before 1990's. And this Savannah cats became popular among breeders and pet lovers, at the end of 1990's and accepted by International Cat Association as a registered breed. Savannah cats are considered as loyal pets among all other cat breeds and many people loved to have one as their pet.

Savannah Cat Sitting on The Bed
Savannah Cat (source)

A Fully Grown Savannah Cat
A Fully Grown Savannah Cat (source)

Since Savannah cat is introduced, it became physically the largest breed among all other domestic cats. Savannah cat's slim and tall body shape gives it a great look and make them look larger compared to other domestic cats while keeping the weight comparably low. When the weight of the savannah cat is considered, it can usually vary between 3kg to 10kg depending on the age and the size of the cat.

A Tough Savannah Cat
A Tough Savannah Cat (source)

There are few recognized types of savannah cats and each type has its own genetic ratio on breeding and reproduction.Those breeding's and reproductions of Savannah Cats has their own identification code. More about Savannah breeding and reproduction will be discussed in our next post. Keep in touch to know more about your lovely pet Savannah.

Another Tough Savannah Cat With The Jacket
Another Tough Savannah Cat With The Jacket (source)

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