Assisi in Florence

Florence is the capital city of the Italian region of Tuscany.To Florence tourists must go to Assisi, which is Franciscan founder Francis of Assisi, the birthplace, is only two hours away from Florence by car. This medieval town is situated on a hill, is a hot place at the exhibition, so visitors can have the day before traveling exhibition activities concerned. Assisi's historic area is not large, so visitors can explore on foot, where walking is a good way to spend time.

Visitors from the oldest part of Assisi departed downward along the mountain road tour and enjoy the scenery along. St. Francis of Assisi Temple, St. Lu Fei Yue cathedral and its museum are well worth a go.There Deke Mu within the town center square, there are the famous lion fountain and bell tower. In addition, St. Clare's temple must not be missed.