Beautiful Flathead Lake : A Freshwater lake in the Western United States 🔥

If you ever travel to Montana to experience the beauty of a nature do not forget to spend some time on the shores of the Flathead Lake located just 30 miles from the Glacier National Park and 7 miles from Kalispell.

The Flathead Lake Being the largest freshwater lake in the Western United States it is 27.3 miles long and 15.5 miles wide, which is slightly bigger than the Lake Tahoe. It is also rather deep being on average 164.7 feet deep, which is comparable to the depth of the Persian Gulf. Being exceptionally clear for its size and a location it has a glacier origins, is a remnant of an ancient glacier lake called Lake Missoula and lies on the southern end of the Rocky Mountain Trench, which formed, as name suggests, with the Rocky Mountains when an enormous ancient glacier was moving south carving out the modern territory.

This large body of water is surrounded by mountains, the Mission Mountains on the East and the Salish Mountains on the west and is known for its surprisingly mild and generous climate so far north and inland. Here you will find multiple cherry orchards by the Mission Mountains and many vineyards on the opposite side. The lake can become an excellent vacation choice and visitors can also visit two rivers feeding the lake, the Swan River and the Flathead River.

The lake gets its name from a local indian population called Salish or Flathead Indians, who live on the southern shore of the Flathead Lake and is an excellent place for fishing bull trout, cutthroat trout, yellow perch, and late whitefish, or perhaps you would catch a glimpse of a famous Flathead Lake Monster while visiting the Wild Horse Island state park located in the middle of the lake.

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