Fun and Surprising Halloween Facts

  1. The correct spelling of Halloween is Hallowe’en.
  2. Halloween is also known as ‘All Hallows Eve”, ‘All Hallowtide’, ‘Samhain’, The Day of the Dead’, The Feast of the Dead’.
  3. Trick or Treating has been practiced seen the Middle- Age when poor people dressed up in costumes and walked around door-to-door to ask for money or food in exchange for prayers.
  4. According to the Celtic tradition, treat or treating involved people putting out food and treats to placate spirits that wandered on the streets of Samhain.
  5. Trick or treat first mentioned in prints in North America in the year 1927 in Blackie, Canada.
  6. Halloween has been recognized as the 3rd biggest party day following New Year’s Eve and Super Bowl Sunday.
  7. After Christmas, Halloween is the 2nd highest grossing commercial holiday.
  8. The word “witch” is derived from an Old English word ‘wicce’, which means ‘wise woman’.
  9. In the USA, One-quarter of the candy sold annually is purchased over the Halloween.
  10. According to Celtic tradition, Ireland is believed to be the birthplace of Halloween.
  11. Halloween came into America with the immigrants from Europe. The people used to share ghost stories sitting around a bonfire. People would sing, and dance and fortunes were told.
  12. Initially, Turnips were used in place of pumpkins to make Jack O’ Lantern.
  13. Pumpkin took place of Turnips, as the later was not found in America.
  14. The fear of Halloween is called Samhainophobia.
  15. According to a survey, on any Halloween, more than 50% of kids prefer to receive chocolate candies in comparison to any form of candies or gums.


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